Article # 4: When We Reveal How You Can Become A Honey Baron,

You Probably Won’t Believe Us!

You can learn to be a beekeeper and make honey!

If more beekeepers practiced the art of farming honey it may do well to serve the industry as a whole by lowering the retail price tag of a 500g bottle on the shelves. Is this a good thing for beekeepers? Well, yes in the long run more people benefiting from lower priced honey is definitely a good thing for beekeepers!

At the moment there are fewer and fewer beekeepers producing less and less honey for consumption. Generally, this will lead to a lower supply of the golden honey produce and result in a higher price tag per bottle as demand grows. This could curtail the need for higher production of honey due to the eventual slowdown in supply of goods as the demand falls away because of high prices.

What would be best for the honeybee industry? A consistent supply of good quality honey to an educated and discerning public demand. Beekeeping operations generally cost more than that of largescale sugar refining operations and therefore sugar has replaced honey as a form of sweetener in most cases.

In my opinion, it is still healthier, because of the additional “good” ingredients in honey, to consume honey over refined sugars. Hence the need for the industry to educate and promote honey as a “good” alternative to refined sugars and that the higher price tag is worth its extra dollar.

Is it possible to become a honey baron by sourcing large quantities of good quality honey and selling it on to those manufacturers and other wholesale consumers of the golden liquid? Certainly. A combination of promotion and education goes hand in hand with sourcing reliable, consistent and good quality honey!

There are established lines of demand and supply. We cover many of these in our book, “Making Money as a Honey Baron” available soon that you too can join a select group of people that specialise in this unusual business.

To start, think of where you know honey is sold! I believe that most retail grocery stores stock jars of honey. In my research to write the Making Money as a Honey Baron book, I found many wholesale consumers I hadn’t imagined at all. I think you would agree that a bakery is fairly obvious as a wholesale consumer of the lovely honey. But would you have ever thought of a zoo? Neither did I!

One may be heartily surprised at all of the consumers of honey and other bee products that you could be making money from in less than 30 days! We are working on launching a completely new venture based on the research findings while writing this honey book. We may be in the position, as part of our business, to include you as a Honey Baron!

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Something to note…
You will also need beekeeping equipment like a beekeeper’s bee suit, a smoker, a hive tool and at least one bee hive in order to start practical beekeeping.

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P.S. I am a beekeeper and have been one for many years. I keep my own hives in locations close to where I live on smallholdings in the area. I do this by asking permission from the land owners while also giving them a briefing on the safety issues and my best practices.

P.S.S I also do bee removals for an additional income. This is a great income earner… and in my next ebook I will introduce you to the fantastic income streams a beekeeper can tap into straight from the get go!

P.S.S I get about 200Kg of bee honey produced by my small collection of privately owned and manageable colonies. This is equivalent of 200 x $6 which totals $1200 (Or R10,000) twice a year. That’s only considering the honey I sell to friends and local food stalls at a premium.

P.S.S.S I also make money from making and selling beeswax candles. I also burn these sweet smelling candles in my own home. These are a delicasy in terms of beeswax because beeswax is hard to come by. Many beekeepers recycle their beeswax and put it back into their bee hives. I use mine to sell as pure beeswax candles. I get $4.50 or R35 per beeswax candle and I generally sell around 100 per year.