The 7 Top Beekeeping Tools to Start Your Own Honey Farm!!

Practical Bee Tools 101 Guide gives you a list of all the practical bee keeping tools, know how and step-by-step instructions on how to start bee keeping right now!

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Do you want to learn to keep bees? You just aren’t sure whee to start and especially what tools you require and how to use them! The Practical Beekeeping Series of books brings you the

7 Top Beekeeping Equipment Tools

you can’t do without as a bee keeper!

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Learn how you can keep honey bees in your area! By doing so, you ensure plants and trees in your area will thrive. At the same time, you enjoy harvesting your own bee honey, bee pollen and royal jelly.

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Here’s Some Facts!

Beekeeping activities are normally practiced as a beginner hobbyist or ULTIMATE Big Time Operator. Which one will you be?

Many beginner beekeepers are overwhelmed by the list of beekeeping equipment and bee tools that are available to them! Which bee tools do you need and which ones can be put on hold until a later date?

The Bee Tools 101 guide explains exactly how you should go about building your beekeeping business from hobbyist to BIG TIME OPERATOR! We break down the tools needed for both types of bee keeper!

Right now you may not be sure exactly how profitable or how big you want the beekeeping hobby or small time operaton to get. That’s exactly why we put this book together! You get to learn the 7 Top Beekeeping Tools You Can’t Do Without as a beekeeper.

You also get to learn about the ULTIMATE BIG TIME OPERATOR equipment and how you can put it good use. You will get a full explanation as well as practical tips when using the tools!

So, what makes a beekeeper match a category of hobbyist or Big Time Operator?

A hobbyist is a bee keeper that has up to 50 bee hives in the apiary. A Big Time Operator is a business operation that starts off at 75 hives and the sky’s the limit with the number of bee hives in the apiary. What would it be like to make money full time on beekeeping?

Beekeepers are a niche group of people around the world. Practical Beekeeping knowledge is usually something passed down from father to son with very few newcomers to the business. The world needs bee products and bee keeping services. This is a great niche for YOU TO ENTER!

As a beekeeper, you need to know what beekeeping equipment you need to get started and then to develop the business further! You need reliable tips on what the different tools are and how best you can use them. It also makes sense to get an idea of tools that can be substituted at the start and cost less but do the same thing.

“I serisouly wanted to buy an extractor for my 10 bee hives. I didn’t make a decision until I searched the web for and found your indepth Bee Tools 101 Guide. I have started using your practical tips which led me to buying more bee hives rather than an extractor.”
“Now I can afford to pay for the extractor and continue to expand my little venture.
W. Steyn
Cape Town, South Africa

Here’s Some More Detail!

Beekeeping is a lucrative business. Once you start a honey farm with 3 or 300 bee hives, you can reap profits many times over for very little effort on your part.

Besides selling comb and pure honey, you also learn about the many profitable bee products you can make money from in our Practical Beekeeping Beginner’s Guide. We will be expanding our book series to incorporate one on Bee By-Products You can Make Money from.

Propolis, Royal Jelly, Beeswax Candles, pollination, bee removal services, beauty creams, shampoo and honey wine are all bee products from your honeybees.

Bee farming is one of a handful of business ventures you can start and make back your original investment within the first year. It’s quite profitable…

…When We Reveal How Much Money It Makes, You Probably Won’t Believe Us!

What’s more you also get to learn about the following too:

  • Smokers and the different types you can get
  • Queen excluders & why they are necessary
  • Bee hives and the Secret Formula to Success
  • The 7 Top Beekeeping Tools You Can’t Do Without
  • Learn about the Hive tool and different methods of use
  • Get the Two-Bucket Filter System for extracting honey
  • Get the low down on what you should spend your money on FIRST
  • Beekeeping equipment that protects against bee stings
  • Keep a double system for lighting Smokers
  • Start a honey room and learn the best layout
  • Learn what it takes to become a Big Time Operator
  • Go from hobby to PRO in just 12 months!
  • Get Tips on Bonus Tools that you never knew about
  • In our 19 page Guide on Beekeeping Equipment, we cover over 15 different tools such as:

Honey press, Refractometer, Foundation Mould, Wax Embedder and so many more!

We Reveal Some More Facts You Need to know before going ahead…

Bee keeping is one of the cheapest farming activities to start. You only NEED bee hives, a quality bee suit, a smoker and gloves.

It is also a truly sustainable agricultural activity. The honey bee is a natural resource!

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The Practical Beekeeping – Bee Tools 101 Guide with indepth info on what bee tools are available and how best you use them!

In addition to the Practical Tips mentioned above, you also get indepth knowledge passed on to you from years of beekeeping experience so you can use it to fast track your beekeeping business. We call it the Secret to Success Formula to becoming a Big Time Operator!

  • To make the jump from hobby to Big Time Operator you need to know the unusual bee tools the professionals use
  • Find out what you need to make your own wax foundation sheets
  • We include the piece of equipment that is vital for storage of honey to ensure no leakages
  • Get to know the different types of protective clothing such as a veil, a jockey veil, a bee jacket and full bee suit!
  • Why do beekeepers use a smoker
  • What do you use a queen excluder for when you first capture a swarm
  • When is it time to buy an extractor
  • What can I use to substitute the extractor
  • Get the breakdown on a honey room and the layout you can use

For Beginners, Start your own honey farm now!

“I started looking for information about bee keeping on the web a few months ago. I decided I amd going to focus on building the part time operation into a Big Time Operator set up.”
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F. Meyer
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The Practical Beekeeping – Beginner’s Guide to beekeeping with 60 pages of info, knowledge and experience to put to your benefit!

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Something to note…
You will also need beekeeping equipment like a beekeeper’s bee suit, a smoker, a hive tool and at least one bee hive in order to start practical beekeeping. Thankfully, we offer you our Bee Tools 101 Guide to ensure you are set on the right course with the right stuff to make your beekeeping successful.

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P.S. I am a beekeeper and have been one for many years. I keep my own hives in locations close to where I live on smallholdings in the area. I do this by asking permission from the land owners while also giving them a briefing on the safety issues and my best practices.

P.S.S I also do bee removals for an additional income. This is a great income earner… and in my next ebook I will introduce you to the fantastic income streams a beekeeper can tap into straight from the get go!

P.S.S I get about 200Kg of bee honey produced by my small collection of privately owned and manageable colonies. This is equivalent of 200 x $6 which totals $1200 twice a year. That’s only considering the honey I sell to friends and local food stalls at a premium.

P.S.S.S I also make money from making and selling beeswax candles. I also burn these sweet smelling candles in my own home. These are a delicasy in terms of beeswax because beeswax is hard to come by. Many beekeepers recycle their beeswax and put it back into their bee hives. I use mine to sell as pure beeswax candles. I get $4.50 per beeswax candle and I generally sell around 100 per year.