Plum Pollination bundle

Plum Pollination bundle


Plum Pollination Report for savvy plum growers that want an increase in fruit set and harvesting yield for plums.

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Plum Pollination bundle Report Infographic Blurb:


Plum Pollination Bundle Report Details:

  • Pollination at a glance
  • Plum and Bees
  • Plum yield
  • Plum products
  • Pollination Services Data
  • Top Ten Crops Pollinated by Bees in the USA
  • The Value Chain
  • The Pollination Pricing

What about Plums Honey? (No! There’s no flavouring in honey that’s collected by bees when pollinating Plums)

Plum Pollination Report Bundle includes: 

Plums Pollination Pollination Report consisting of 35-page ebook and 3-page infographic detailing impact savvy farmers and beekeepers make when using honeybees when farming Plums!

Plums Pollination bundle
35 pages ebook infographic

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